Hunt for the Wilderpeople Success

Hunt for the Wilderpeople has been a huge success. Here are some highlights

- It is New Zealand’s #1 NZ film of all time and #6 film at the NZ box office ever!!!! And still showing on over 50 screens in week 15. Wild Pork and Watercress has also been in the #1 adult fiction charts for many weeks. The soundtrack also hit the charts in week 1.

- Wilderpeople holds the record for the highest grossing NZ film at the Australian box office, and it’s still showing on 142 screens. Australian Film Critic John MacDonald even said he wished he was a kiwi when watching the film, which is pretty skux!

- Just this week HFTW placed among the top 100 films of all time on the Rotten Tomatoes website, with a 100% Fresh rating with over 100 reviews, joining the likes of Citizen Kane, the Wizard of Oz and The Terminator (the one before she could do chin ups)!

- The film has been winning Audience Awards internationally at The Independent Film Festival of Boston, The Montclair Film Festival, The San Francisco International Film Festival, The Wisconsin Film Festival.

- The film was New York Times and LA Times Critic's Pick.

-  The film won Audience Award at Edinburgh Film Festival (previous winners include Muriel’s Wedding, The Full Monty and Amelie). The film opens in the UK on the 16th of September.

- The rest of the world will be released by Sony, who are working on the festival release at the moment.

- The New Zealand DVD/VOD release is 26th September when many other countries will also have it available on DVD and VOD.